Improving the sampling rate of wafer production data acquisition | Advantech - Factory Automation

Advantech’s Factory Automation solution offers customized solutions including HMI, UNO, MES systems, Industrial Ethernet Switch, I/O card, ADAM and automated guided vehicle (AGV) to enable an intelligent factory which allows engineers to monitor and configure the status of a large number of factories and office buildings from a single location many miles apart. Beyond that, sophisticated software such as SCADA and WebAccess, allows the systems to take control of themselves with minimal manual adjustments. Factory automation involves computerized management systems which highly improves the production efficiency. Factory automation is now occurs from the point of delivery of goods where all items are given a barcode or an RFID tag and scanned as they are admitted to the warehouse, and then, on collection from the warehouse, by either man or machine, they are scanned again and taken to the assembly plant where the object’s electronic identifier is passed over a scanner.


Automated Food/Beverage Production with Simplified Touch Control

China’s growing domestic market has resulted in a two-digit growth of food & beverage processing and packaging equipment and has drawn many companies around the world to explore this huge developing market, including TCP Pioneer Co.Ltd, a liquid food and beverage manufacturing/packing facility provider headquartered in northern Taiwan with its products sold to several top beverage brands in China.


2013-2014 Advantech/L-Tron Events

2013 was certainly an eventful year for the Advantech/L-Tron team, and 2014 promises to be just as action-packed! In February 2013, L-Tron was named Advantech’s AOnline Engaged Channel Partner (AECP) for the Northeastern United States covering the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Maine. In April 2013, L-Tron announced the position of “Advantech Specialist” had been filled by Jeremy Miller, longtime L-Tron employee and product expert in the industrial control, data acquisition, and test & measurement markets. Click link above to continue reading...


Low Energy, High Resolution Stretched Digital Signage Display

L-Tron Corporation introduces Advantech’s DSD-5028 Stretched Digital Signage Display Monitor. Ideal for public information display, the innovative 28” high resolution stretched display features an LED backlight and ultra wide viewing angle. Ideal for spaces with limits in height or volume, the narrow, ultra-wide monitor supports a flexible wall mount for easy installation in either the horizontal or vertical position. The monitor supports VGA and DVI signal interfaces and audio functions for easy connection with the plug-and-play system. Click link above to continue reading...


L-Tron Earns Global Recognition

L-Tron Corporation is the proud recipient of Advantech Corporation’s Industrial Automation Group’s “Best Growth 2013” award. The award was presented at the 2013 Advantech iAutomation World Partner Conference, which took place in Dubai, UAE from October 3-5, 2013.Advantech acknowledged L-Tron in recognition of L-Tron’s substantial contribution and persistent partnership. Awards for Advantech’s North America division were given to recipients in each of three revenue scales. Within L-Tron’s revenue category, the criteria included achieving at least 70% of 2012’s revenue by August 2013 with the highest growth rate percentage. Click link above to continue reading...